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GTKs forskares granskade publikationer och artiklar 2017

 A    Vertaisarvioidut tieteelliset artikkelit  
        Peer-reviewed scientific articles   
        Granskade vetenskapliga artiklar  

       A1   Alkuperäisartikkeli tieteellisessä aikakauslehdessä
              Original research article in a scientific journal

              Originalartikel i vetenskaplig tidskrift


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                      A3  Luku tai artikkeli tieteellisessä kirjassa  
                             Chapter or article in a scientific book   
                             Kapitel eller artikel i vetenskaplig bok


Hölttä, P. & Heilimo, E. (2017). Metamorphic map of Finland. In Nironen, M. (ed.). Bedrock of Finland at the scale 1:1 000 000 - Major stratigraphic units, metamorphism and tectonic evolution. Special paper, Geological Survey of Finland, 60. (pp. 77-128) :ISBN 978-952-217-379-9.

Luukas, J., Kousa, J., Nironen, M. & Vuollo, J.(2017). Major stratigraphic units in the bedrock of Finland, and an approach to tectonostratigraphic division. In Nironen, M. (ed.). Bedrock of Finland at the scale 1:1 000 000 - Major stratigraphic units, metamorphism and tectonic evolution. Special paper, Geological Survey of Finland, 60. (pp. 9-40) :ISBN 978-952-217-379-9.

Nironen, M. (2017). Guide to the Geological Map of Finland – Bedrock. In Nironen, M. (ed.). Bedrock of Finland at the scale 1:1 000 000 - Major stratigraphic units, metamorphism and tectonic evolution. Special paper, Geological Survey of Finland, 60. (pp. 41-76) :ISBN 978-952-217-379-9.


                    C2 Kirjan, kokoomateoksen, konferenssijulkaisun tai lehden erikoisnumeron
                           Editing of a book, compilation, conference proceedings, special issue of a journal
                           Redigering  av bok, samlingsverk, konferenspublikation, specialnummer av 


Nironen, M. (ed.) 2017. Bedrock of Finland at the scale 1:1 000 000 - Major stratigraphic units, metamorphism and tectonic evolution. Espoo : Geological Survey of Finland. - (Special paper, Geological Survey of Finland, ISSN 0782-8535 ; 60) : ISBN 978-952-217-379-9.


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