Geologian tutkimuskeskus

Tulosta tutkimushankkeen kuvaus


Hankkeen tiedot:

Vastuuhenkilö: Ikävalko Ossi
Hankenumero: 50403-30021
Kesto: 2012-2017
Asiasanat: 3D/4D, kaupunkimallinnus, maanalainen, pohjavesigeologia
Paikannimet: Helsinki, Suomi, Eurooppa
Yhteistyötahot: Euroopan geologian tutkimuskeskukset


The main objective of the Action is to provide a long-needed contribution to greater interaction and networking between experts who develop urban subsurface knowledge and those who can benefit most from it - urban decision-makers, practitioners (private consultants and contractors) and the wider research community – by establishing a network to co-ordinate, integrate and accelerate the world-leading research into modelling the subsurface taking place in European institutions, and by developing a Toolbox to enable the knowledge to be widely disseminated and more easily incorporated in urban policy and planning.