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Projektin tiedot:

Projektipäällikkö: Yang Jason
Projektinumero: 50404-40090
Kesto: 1.3.2016-28.2.2019
Asiasanat: Rare earth elements, Phosphogypsum, Biological concentration, Resin-in-Leach, Ion exchange
Paikannimet: Finland and South Africa
Yhteistyötahot: LUT, VTT, MINTEK (South Africa)


This project is financially supported by Academy of Finland. Phosphogypsum (PG) is a by-product from phosphate fertilizer production. It is enriched with REE and available in substantial quantities in Finland and in South Africa. Based on our previous project REPRO funded by TEKES in the Green Mining Technology Programme and combined the research work of MINTEK in this area in South Africa this project is aimed at solving specific issues identified in the behavior of the PG materials from two countries in REE recovery by conventional and bio-based processes and thus improving process economy. The studies in the project include: Effect of PG origin on REE recovery efficiency; Biological concentration of REE from PG; Recovery of REE via Resin-in-Leach (RIL) technology; and Ion exchange for improving purity in RIL and separation of pure individual rare earths.