Comments from our customers: GTK is a well-respected and recommended cooperation partner

In September and October 2019, we asked our customers about their experiences in how customer relationships work with GTK. On the basis of the survey results, GTK is considered to be a competent and high quality actor.

GTK is highly recommended In the survey, GTK’s NPS recommendation index was 58. The respondents have a favourable attitude towards cooperation with us and making purchases from us in the future. The scale for the NPS (Net Promoter Score) is -100 to +100. The score indicates how likely would it be for customers to recommend GTK to their partners based on their experience. A high NPS score means good customer satisfaction and reputation. GTK is valued as a cooperation partner Our customers are especially satisfied with the high level and quality of GTK’s expertise. We are also commended for our smooth collaboration, the usability of the information we produce, and our ability to help our customers achieve their own results. As an actor, GTK is valued for its integrity, reliability and recognisability. As many as 62% of respondents said that GTK helped their organisation develop new innovations, solutions or practices as part of their business development. “With the help of GTK, we have been able to develop new production processes or optimise existing ones.” “Basic geological research is of great importance. Modelling methods developed over the years by GTK are still in use today.” “Together with GTK, we have been researching and testing new technology in utilising geo-energy.” “We have worked together and consulted GTK to develop a solution that we have used in other research and development projects.” “Cooperation with GTK has produced cost savings for us.” The results boost development of operations We are happy for the positive feedback we have received. Of course, we want to become an even better partner for our customers. In this work, the results of the survey help us to steer our operations to an even more customer-oriented direction. In the future, we want to be more active in communicating with our customers, telling them more about our services and new research trends in the industry, and responding to customer needs with more agility. Thank you for taking part in the survey. The survey was conducted by Taloustutkimus Oy as a telephone interview. Further information Raisa Neitola Head of Project Management Tel. 050 348 7643 Tuuli Kalliosalo Head of Account Management Tel. 050 517 6824