Dubai World Expo: GTK is part of the Smart Nuclear Energy Solutions –team

Finland has an exceptionally good track record in the application of multiple nuclear power technologies with world-class performance in a safe, sustainable and responsible manner. The Finnish companies and regulators have developed a remarkable variety of competences required for the peaceful use of nuclear power, including safeguards, regulatory regimes, public acceptance manners and practices, plant projects, plant life management, decommissioning and nuclear waste management. The Smart Nuclear Energy Solutions team offers related nuclear energy services and solutions worldwide.

In the nuclear power sector, GTK´s focus is in the disposal of nuclear waste, site selection for plants, and researching the long-term safety of nuclear power.

GTK’s role as an expert in geoscientific investigations has been essential throughout this program:  • Definition of suitability criteria • Nation-wide site survey and site selection • Site characterization • Underground data acquisition for construction of the disposal facilities

Currently, GTK is supporting the development of data collection and geomodelling methodology to meet the needs of the operational phase in the repository in Olkiluoto. In addition to site investigations, our work has included studies supporting the assessment of long-term safety of the disposal concept.

The site investigation methodology conducted for SNF repository is valid also for the selection of safe locations for nuclear power plants (NPP). GTK has exploited the experience gained during the past 40 years in several NPP and SNF projects at home and abroad. Our main focus is in:

Site selection services The cornerstone of the nuclear energy industry is ensuring safety throughout the lifecycles of the plants. The first and important step is adequately performed site selection.  • Assessment of the suitability of geological conditions • Determining the geological criteria for the site • Planning and coordinating the survey • Analysis and management of information

Site characterization studies In geological site characterization studies, bedrock, ground and groundwater conditions are surveyed extensively. The surveys are planned in accordance with the safety requirements set for the project (site for a plant, power plant waste storage or final disposal site for nuclear waste) and existing information.  • Planning and coordinating research throughout the project • Conduction of geological, geophysical and groundwater surveys • Interpretation and modelling (e.g. geological 3D models, hydrogeochemistry) • Analytical services • Constructability surveys • Reporting and information management

Natural analogues and long-term safety the aim of the studies for the long-term safety is to produce geological background information for the design of final disposal concepts and to establish the safety of disposal sites.  • Planning, coordination and implementation of natural analogue surveys • Publishing and reporting