Finland`s National Battery Strategy: an opportunity we should take together

Summary by Mika Nykänen, chair of the National Battery Strategy working group, of key points and opportunities identified in the strategy.

Finland’s National Battery Strategy has been published. I am proud of having the honour to chair the working group.

When we prepared the strategy, we noted that we are dealing with a massive change: the electrification of society, transport and heavy-duty machines. This global megatrend challenges us and opens up new opportunities. High-quality expertise is at the core of this change.

In the strategy, we identified significant new opportunities for Finland and Finnish expertise. High-quality research and expertise, the significant potential of battery minerals, sustainable production chains and the ability to make technological innovation give us good tools for future success. We also defined support for the transition to low-carbon solutions as a strategic goal. We also identified that sustainability and responsible business are at the core of success.

Finland has many strengths, on which to build success. Finland’s identified and surveyed resources of battery minerals are among the most significant in Europe, ranging from lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite to copper, which is needed in all electric motors. The European Commission aims to reduce dependence on the imports of battery raw materials, for which Finland can provide solutions.

Finland is ready to adopt a significant role in the development of batteries and battery materials and technologies, and in the production of low-carbon solutions. Supporting the development of the circular economy is an important part of the Battery Strategy. However, the strategy has a broader scope than recycling alone, ranging from the responsible production of minerals and the improved traceability and recyclability of raw materials to new technological solutions.

Through its activities, the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) strongly supports the National Battery Strategy. The world’s best geological datasets, the exploration of new mineral potential and circular economy solutions, and supporting responsible operations are at the core of our activities. We are working hard to ensure the success of Finland and our customers.

The National Battery Strategy is also my last assignment as the Director General of GTK, now that I am moving on to new challenges. It has been an honour to be a member of one of the best teams in the world, and I would like to warmly thank our personnel for all the support you have given me. I would also like to thank our customers and partners – our operations focus on your success. Together we can build solutions for more sustainable growth.

Mika Nykänen
Director General

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