Responsible Summer Jobs Are Found Interesting – Geological Survey of Finland Hires 32 Summer Interns

Geological Survey of Finland GTK has several summer job openings for geology students every year. GTK is seen an interesting employer, as the number of applications totaled 564 this year, 50 more than in 2020. GTK hired 32 applicants for summer jobs.

“We want to be socially responsible among other employers and provide suitable summer internships for students interested in the field of geology. We want to be a great employer, too. For us, it was easy to take part in Oikotie’s Responsible Summer Job campaign. When interns from previous summers wish to return the next year, we think we’ve succeeded. This summer, 12 summer workers are rejoining our organization,” says Riikka Mäki, Head of HRD in GTK.

By joining the campaign, GTK has committed to six principles, which help make the experience better for both the employee and the employer. They are: good application experience, meaningful work, orientation and guidance, fairness and equality, reasonable pay and written contract and work certificate.

Most of the summer workers’ title is intern and they are studying geosciences. GTK is collecting data in several fieldwork projects from both soil and water, so naturally the interns will head out to different locations and projects around Finland. The researchers and geologists in fieldwork need more experience due to the working conditions than other interns.

More Information

You can follow hashtag #GTKpeople in our social media channels for updates from our summer interns.

Riikka Mäki, Head of HRD

Geological Survey of Finland

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