National geological database

Does your organisation produce geological data that could be useful to others, as well?

One of GTK’s duties is to monitor the production of geological information in Finland and to manage the data. Establishing a national geological database offers the opportunity for our geodata producing partners to use their data for the common good.

A standardised database improves usability

The information produced by our partners is verified and saved in GTK’s standardised databases. The data will be made accessible to all who need it, and it can be downloaded via our web-based user interface.

Joint access is valuable to everyone operating in the field of geology 

Storing the geological information produced by different organisations in a centralised database benefits not only those operating in the field of geology but also society as a whole. Users can take use of the data produced in earlier research, which means more resources are available for new research and innovation. 

Partners include private businesses and public organisations

In addition to the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency, GTK’s cooperates in geodata management with the cities of Helsinki, Tampere and Vantaa, as well as Ramboll and SitoWise, among others. 

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