Constructability models

Land use planning is still mostly done in 2D, and interpreting 3D models is difficult for many experts in the construction industry. A constructability model is an easy-to-understand 2D map on the geology and constructability of the target area. Areas that are challenging for construction purposes are clearly visible in the model.

The method is especially useful in the early stages of the planning process when a large portion of the construction costs are already decided on. A constructability model is suitable for studying the constructability of larger areas as well. However, determining the best type of foundation for your plot requires further studies.

Digital constructability data is easy to use as part of the cost accounting of contractors. In addition, using the information in project planning and structure design brings considerable savings.

Service content

  • Planning for the study
  • Collecting existing and relevant data, and analysing and interpreting it
  • Required additional field studies
  • A report including a digital constructability model on the planning area based on soil surveys, the area’s slope gradient and the thickness of regional fine-grained sediments.

Your benefits

  • You will gain a simple and easy-to-understand visual 2D presentation on the constructability of your target area.
  • You avoid unpleasant surprises and extra costs as you are able to plan your construction based on researched information.