Strategy 2020-2023

Geological expertise can be used in tackling major global challenges, such as questions related to sustainable production, circular economy, clean water, low-carbon energy and climate change. With our strategy, we seek to develop solutions that enable the creation of sustainable economic development in Finland in terms of both people and the environment.

The focus areas

The focus areas have the greatest potential to produce significant solutions to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, carbon-neutral world. The strategy for 2020–2023 has four focus areas:

We formulated our strategy as an interactive process where the personnel, customers and stakeholders participated in the preparation of the strategy through various workshops and online discussions. The purpose of GTK’s existence was crystallised in the results of the workshops: “For Earth and for Us.”

Geological Survey of Finland: Solutions for more sustainable growth

GTK`s experts create solutions to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and carbon-neutral world. Watch a video of how we do it.