Bravely curious and innovative

  • We make predictions for the future and how the operating environment and customer needs will develop and we seize every opportunity.
  • We do best for the society as a pioneer in our field and we are not afraid to take areas of application to their limits.
  • We are constantly developing our expertise, operations and procedures.

More together

  • We have a goal-oriented approach together with our partners in influential networks.
  • We are always trying out new forms of cooperation.
  • We are a diverse community that shares and utilises data and understanding..

Appreciative and responsible

  • We trust others and are trustworthy.
  • Each of us is responsible for the results of their work, the quality and impartiality, the well-being of the community and improving sustainable growth.
  • We create a supportive environment, where everyone is involved and their contributions are valued.