Together we will find solutions

Like everywhere in the world right now, the coronavirus is affecting both our private and working lives in Finland. In the face of this global pandemic, at the Geological Survey of Finland we have determined what our most central duties are during this time.

Our primary concern is to ensure our personnel, customers and partners stay healthy and safe. As a responsible partner, we aim to minimise the risks caused by the pandemic in all our operations.

We will still stay in touch with you virtually, with online meetings and virtual events, and by email and phone. Currently, we will not travel.

Another important aspect is to ensure that our work continues as normally as possible and without interruptions. We will continue working in our projects normally.

We want to ensure that all agreed work is done, and that we are also at your disposal in the future. This state of emergency has caused a lot of uncertainty; we will do everything we can to maintain the high quality of our work with no delays.

The aim of the Geological Survey of Finland is to develop solutions for more sustainable growth. Together, we will conquer this challenge as well. The keys to our success are embedded in our values: responsibility, courage and cooperation. These values are already present in our work, and they will help us survive this exceptional crisis as well.

Please let us know how we can help you and ensure our valuable cooperation can continue. Together, we will find the solutions we need both today and in the future.

Mika Nykänen
Director General
Geological Survey of Finland