Drill cores of bedrock drillings (Drill Core Archive)

Summary of dataset content: Solid rock samples extracted from the bedrock using a drill rig that have been taken for the purpose of ore exploration, rock engineering and other bedrock surveying.
Original application: Samples are examined from the entire distance of the drill hole for determining the dominant rock types and valuable minerals, and the structure of the rock types is observed. Measurements of various rock characteristics will be conducted wherever necessary and subsamples will be taken for further investigation (e.g. for chemical or microscopic analyses).
Geographical information product related to the dataset: Bedrock drilling (Hakku)
Analysis information for the dataset: The samples in the Drill Core Archive are photographed and density measurements may also be conducted on these samples. Petrophysical laboratory measurements for drill cores (charged service).
Volume: > 37,000 drillings
Resolution (sample density): Irregular, target scale
Geographic coverage: National
Sampling years (time reference): Ongoing since the 1920s
Physical form and storage conditions for the samples: Rock samples (drill cores) packed in wooden crates
Sample identification: Drill hole code
Resource address: Sampling points and analysis findings available on the map service: http://gtkdata.gtk.fi/mdae/index.html
Location of the dataset: Drill Core Archive in Loppi, partly also in Rovaniemi
Keywords: geology, drilling, deep drilling, drill hole, drill core, lithology, structures, minerals, sampling, analyses, petrophysics, mapping
Historical information: http://tupa.gtk.fi/paikkatieto/meta/national_drill_core_archive.html
Availability and terms of use / Public availability restrictions: Archived drill cores can be examined at the Loppi research facility. Fees are charged for equipment, labour and accommodation costs related to research visits (see price list). Sampling is possible within the scope of the terms and conditions.
Responsible organization: Geological Survey of Finland, geodata_gtk.fi
Contact person: Marko Puonti
Metadata date: 2019-02-15