Customers value the expertise, quality of work and ease of collaboration at the Geological Survey of Finland

At the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), we carry out a customer satisfaction survey every other year, for which we interview as large a sample of our customers as possible. In addition to collecting customer feedback consistently, we have felt it necessary to deepen our understanding from time to time. How do our customers see GTK, what kind of partner do they see us as, and how have we been able to provide additional value for our customers during our partnership? This is a way for us to further develop our customer operation.

GTK:n työntekijät tutkivat pohjavettä taajamassa

Overall satisfaction and net promoter index again remain at an excellent level

We greatly appreciate the fact that a large share of our customers again set the time aside to answer our questions. According to the survey, our customers see expertise, high quality of work and ease of cooperation as GTK’s greatest strengths. We are considered a particularly honest, believable and trustworthy operator that can create solutions in cooperation with the customers’ varied needs.

Both the overall customer satisfaction (CSI = %-share of completely and very happy customers in the responses) and the net promoter index (NPS) improved from the 2019 level and thus remained at an excellent level. In this survey, the CSI score was 88 (2019: 82), and the NPS score was 59 (2019: 58).

Satisfaction in our ability to produce solutions that benefit our customers business also improved. 71 percent of the respondents said that cooperation with GTK had resulted in new innovations or practices to the benefit of their business.

NPS i.e. Net Promoter Whole. How likely would you be to recommend GTK to your partners? What would make you more likely to do so?

Improvement is sought in customer focus, active communication and process agility

After a tight and busy year, it’s nice to read the positive feedback from customers, but we’re especially thankful for the constructive comments we’ve received, which, in sports terms, serve to build our customer operations game.

What our customers want from us is more unified practices between different functions and a stronger focus on the customer in planning our processes. Close communication is considered valuable in customer relations, and it is our customers’ hope that we engage more actively in communication.

Based on our score, points of improvement can especially be found in our communication, which includes both GTK-level communication and customer relations. Sub-areas that most need development are communication about our services and our website. The newsletter we launched this year was well received, much to our delight. Of our communication channels, customers strongly favour personal communication, which we believe has been highlighted during covid.

Into the new year and new steps in development

The new year is set to bring many changes in our customer operations. Customer solutions will be raised to the GTK management team level, along with Science and Innovations and Geoscience Information.

Our new Customer Solutions director Antti Nummi will assume his post in March at the latest. Customer solutions will be developed and supported by a dedicated team in the future. To support and guide this work, we will also make use of the responses to the latest customer satisfaction survey.

This spring, we will also be overhauling our website so that it better serves our customers in discovering our services, as well as enabling better communications regarding new research information. So be sure to keep your eyes open!

My thanks for your cooperation during the past year,

Tuuli Kalliosalo
Head of Account Management