Publishing Is a Central Part of GTK’s Operations

GTK and its researchers actively participate in both international and national publishing activities. We consider it important that the results of research conducted by GTK’s employees are published on forums suitable for the results and their significance. We encourage our researchers to open access publishing.

Peer-reviewed publications and articles by GTK researchers and experts

List of the peer-reviewed publications and articles by GTK researchers and experts.

The publications of researchers at Google Scolar pages.

GTK’s publications

GTK’s own publication series Bulletin plays a key role in publishing new and important national and region-specific information. All publications published by GTK are licensed under the CC BY 4.0 License, which grants you the right to copy and distribute GTK’s open materials in their original or modified form for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

On the decision of the director responsible for scientific activity, GTK can also publish other publications, such as books, summaries (e.g. a synopsis of an article-based thesis) and other special publications in Finnish, Swedish or English.

GTK’s publishing activities and pre-review procedures are conducted in an unbiased manner, and they are of high quality and comply with good scientific practice.

In addition to scientific research, GTK also publishes research reports that summarise the results of a project or work package and the conclusions drawn from them.

All GTK publications and maps

You can find comprehensive information on all GTK publications and maps in the Hakku service.