Geological Survey of Finland Is an Expert in Geological Resources

Geological Survey of Finland is an internationally oriented geoscience research agency operating under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. We are a leading European competence center on the assessment and sustainable use of geological resources.

For our customers and partners we provide geological expertise to create solutions for more sustainable growth. We offer diverse expert and research services, continuously developing digital services and a broad range of laboratory services. We employ over 400 professionals.

Geological information for decision making

The information and services provided by GTK are necessary for the sustainable use of ore, minerals, groundwater and other natural resources. Our operations boost Finland’s competitiveness, support economic growth and create new business opportunities. The cornerstone of GTK’s operations are our research operations that are high-quality on a global level, and our strong partnerships.

Our duties are:

  • Providing expert information and insight for the mineral policy of Finland and the EU
  • Surveying geological natural resources and maintaining the maps and data services related to them
  • Producing geological information to support decision making
  • Conducting applied research for our private customers, such as the mining, energy and construction industries

New geologic information is necessary, for example, for solving the challenges of creating a circular economy, surveying the potential of geothermal energy and surveying battery mineral resources. Digitalisation, artificial intelligence and machine learning create opportunities for developing new geology-related services.


“For Earth and for Us”.

GTK – Solutions to accelerate the transition to sustainable and carbon-neutral world

Researchers at Geological Survey of Finland create solutions to accelerate the transition to sustainable and carbon-neutral world. See the video how we do it.