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ISLANDR ‒ Information-based Strategies for Land Remediation

  • The three-year Information-based strategies for land remediation (ISLANDR) project was launched in May 2023. The EU is funding the project with €5.8 million through its Horizon Europe programme. Additionally, the UK and Switzerland have granted €1.1 million for the project.
  • In total, 14 organisations from 13 European countries are taking part in the project. In Finland, in addition to the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) is taking part. GTK acts as the project coordinator.
  • This multidisciplinary project facilitates the implementation of the European Green Deal programme for sustainable development and the execution of the EU mission, A Soil Deal for Europe. The project helps to support the activities linked with the new directive related to soil health, Soil Health Law, and strives to meet the demand for soil data both at the EU level and at the level of selected local communities.
  • Project introduction and partners: ISLANDR – Information-based Strategies for Land Remediation




The ISLANDR project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and innovation funding programme, funding agreement number 101112889.