– Home to All Geological Data is a well-known, important source for everyone looking for geological data on Finland. We have upgraded the service and its content, listening to the needs of our users.

Kesäinen ilmakuva suomalaisesta pikkukaupungista, jossa näkyy kerros- ja pientalojen kattoja.

GTK`s website is a central source of up-to-date geological data products. On, it is possible to search, download, view or buy spatial data products, for example. Map services have a large amount of observation and measurement data available as well as geological interpretations in visual format. Via interface services, GTK’s materials can be used as a basis for other services and spatial data applications free of charge.’s services are primarily intended for geology professionals and experts. More general geological data is available on the website of GTK’s Layman’s sample practice. is one of GTK’s most popular websites. Upgrading makes online services for geological data easier to find and ensures that the website serves all users better.

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