GTK to Start an International Six-Year Project for Surveying Bedrock in Saudi Arabia

The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) is to take part in an international consortium and start a six-year collaboration with the Saudi Geological Survey (SGS). The consortium will act as a quality controller, and its mission is to support SGS develop their operations and assist in assessing, steering and managing an extensive set of research projects.

GTK’s Head of International Projects Philipp Schmidt-Thomé (on the right), Head of Unit Pekka Tuomela and Project Manager from British International Geoscience Services Frik Hartzer are meeting with Saudi-Arabian colleagues at Mining Indaba event in Cape Town at 2020.

The consortium was selected as a geoscientific partner through an international tendering process. The consortium is led by the UK-based International Geoscience Services (IGS). In the consortium, GTK will be responsible for the control, monitoring and specialist tasks related to the development of a national geodata system and drill core archive. In addition, GTK will take part in managing the geological survey of the Arabian Shield and in the related quality control. All consortium partners will participate in training SGS employees.

‘Geological Survey of Finland’s expertise is highly valued internationally. We bring strong world-class Finnish geological expertise to this large set of projects and developing operations,’ says Olli Breilin, GTK’s Director, Operative Units.

The cooperation, which is part of GTK’s chargeable international services, is based on an agreement on promoting the economic and technological cooperation between Finland and Saudi Arabia.

International assignments and cooperative arrangements are testimonies of high international level expertise. Various international assignments also enable continuous development of Finnish geological expertise. Furthermore, chargeable assignments enable wider GTK operations because its budget funding only covers basic expenses. Geological Survey of Finland’s chargeable services support its strategic goals and follow applicable guidelines of Finnish foreign and security policy.

The signing ceremony that started the project was held in October 2020 in Riyadh, and the project will soon begin after finalising the related agreements.

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Press release of the consortium leader IGS
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