How to Better Target Capacities in the Early Stages of Mineral Exploration?

New ore deposits supplying raw materials for our societies and supporting the green energy transition are becoming more and more difficult to find. The industry needs new tools for exploration because undiscovered mineral deposits are partly or completely buried and reside deeper in the crust.

Enhanced Use of Heavy Mineral Chemistry in Exploration Targeting – The MinExTarget project- that was created to develop a new exploration tool that identifies and interprets secondary footprints of ore deposits preserved by heavy minerals in glacial, stream and shallow marine sediments. Geological Survey of Finland is leading the project funded by EIT RawMaterials.

Pyrites and garnets
Pyrites and garnets. Photo: Pertti Sarala, GTK.

Test areas in Greenland, Norway, Finland and Poland

Test areas are now set in Greenland, Norway, Finland and Poland and the development of sample preparation and analytical protocols has started in those areas.

Test areas were carefully selected to cover a broad range of commodities (Au, Cu Co, Sn, W, Ni) and deposit types. The project aims to develop a versatile tool for exploration: not restricted to a specific case study but applicable in many areas worldwide.

Education and spin-off company included in the project

The project includes a strong educational component by introducing MSc and PhD students and post-doctoral researchers to the methodology and its innovation potential.

During the first year of the project, the spin-off company MinExTarget Ltd was established to commercialize the results the best way possible.

Members of the consortium

The project is led by the Geological Survey of Finland. Members of the consortium are: Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, University of Oulu (Mining School and Business School), UiT Arctic University of Norway, AGH University of Science and Technology, CRS Ltd, Palsatech Ltd and Mawson Oy.

More information

Juha Kaija, Project Manager, Geological Survey of Finland

Project web page
Read about the first year of the project

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