OmaKivi app for rock and mineral enthusiasts

The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) is renewing its layman’s sample practice by providing digital solutions for learning about geology and for saving rock sample data.

OmaKivi is a mobile app and web service for saving boulder and bedrock observations digitally and sending them to GTK’s layman’s sample office to be analysed. The service is for anyone interested in rocks and minerals, from occasional rock hobbyists to more active and enthusiastic amateur geologists. Observations can be saved for all locations in Finland.

Use of the OmaKivi service and having samples analysed are free of charge. However, if you want to send observations or samples to be analysed in the layman’s sample office, you must first create a user account in the app. User accounts can be created both via the mobile app and browser version. Mobile users can download the OmaKivi app from App Store or Google Play. Browser version can be accessed by any device connected to the internet.

GTK promotes geology as a hobby by providing guidance and training and by organising competitions. Observations sent via the OmaKivi app are automatically entered in the annual layman’s sample competition. GTK grants a cash reward to the people who sent the most promising samples each year. GTK aims to inspire young people in particular to try out geology and geological research as a hobby by providing new services and with a competition category dedicated to young geologists.

The reforms are aimed at improving the efficiency of GTK’s layman’s sample practices, the quality of the samples, and raising awareness of the practice. In the coming years, GTK’s main interests in the research of raw material deposits in the Finnish bedrock lie in battery minerals. The Finland-wide Battery Minerals project was started for this purpose. The project specifically focuses on researching and surveying deposits of lithium, cobalt and graphite. GTK requests that rock enthusiasts in Finland send in samples that could be promising for battery mineral research in particular.

GTK’s layman’s sample practice website provides current information and instruction for amateur geologists and others interested in the subject.


For further information, please contact:

Geologist Jari Nenonen,, tel. +358 29 503 3514 (11th of June onwards)
Geologist Tuomas Leskelä,, tel. +358 29 503 3527
GTK Layman’s sample practice,, tel. +358 29 503 3527
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