Smart Energy Forum brings industry leaders and experts from Finland’s Energy sector to an in-depth discussion

GTK`s Director of Science and Innovations Saku Vuori is featured in a panel discussion on ‘Nuclear energy solutions in the fight against climate change’ on August 31, 12.35 pm (GST).

Finland at Expo 2020 Dubai Smart Energy Forum will be taking an in-depth look into the trending topics within the many sectors of sustainable energy production. Finnish energy companies of all sizes are at the forefront of developing nuclear energy solutions in the fight against climate change. They place importance on the role of renewables in the energy transformation needed to reach ambitious emissions targets and discovering high-efficient waste-to-energy production methods.

During the Smart Energy Forum, industry leaders and experts from Finland’s Energy sector will discuss:

  • The short and long-term decarbonisation solutions from the Middle Eastern perspective
  • The safe and sustainable life cycle approach of nuclear energy and innovative solutions for safety and economic performance
  • The essential role natural gas plays, especially when providing flexibility for the system
  • How MSW, construction wood, used car tires, refinery residues and other possible side streams from industrial processes are potential low-cost fuel candidates in future power production

Smart Energy Forum brings together experts in the fields of decarbonisation, waste-to-energy and sustainable nuclear energy production to share their knowledge, insights and guidance in a series of expert interviews, panel discussions and live Q&As.

“Knowledge of geological processes is needed to demonstrate the long-term safety of nuclear waste disposal. Geological disposal can be carried out safely in a variety of geological environments such as crystalline bedrock, clay or salt formations. The disposal site and the disposal concept are selected and designed to meet the requirements of long-term safety.” Saku Vuori, Director of Science and Innovations, Geological Survey of Finland GTK


Finland at Expo 2020 Dubai: Smart Energy Forum

Date: Tuesday August 31, 2021
Time: 12 pm (GST)
Location: Virtual

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