GTK main guidelines for data policy

As the national depository of geological information, GTK offers its data to any interested party. The main goals GTK of data policy are:

  1. Maximizing societal impact
  2. Fairness and equality among customers
  3. Ensuring high quality, reliability and guidance in use

As part of its public role, GTK publishes general information and data for the public domain free of charge and with open ended licensing (GTK open license). GTK also publishes reasonably priced tailored data products. For data other than specific products GTK adheres to government payment principles. In such cases the right to use data will be agreed on in contractual form case by case.

Numerical data is divided into the following categories based on availability:

  1. Open records (shared according to the principles of open information)
  2. INSPIRE-data (shared according to INSPIRE-guidelines)
  3. Other free of cost-data (data products available on the Internet)
  4. Data products with a fee
  5. Data that is not productized

More precise Information on GTK data products can be found in the product catalogue. Use of categories 1,2 and 3 over the Internet is free of charge, but requires adherence to relevant GTK contract terms.

Customers should carefully familiarize themselves with the rights to use data they have acquired, whether or not it is free of charge.

GTK continuously develops its data sharing and pricing in accordance with general guidelines of the Finnish Government and the goals of the national strategy for spatial data.

More information:

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