Field Emission SEM for small particle research

SGL recently added a JEOL TM JSM-7100F Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE = field emission has an electron gun with charged plates rather than a wire filament).

By combining large beam currents with a small probe size at any accelerating voltage, the JEOL JSM-7100F dramatically increases analytical resolution to the sub 100 nm scale. This SEM is therefore ideal for both imaging and analysis of nanostructures, and determining chemical composition of the sample through X-ray spectroscopy. Included in this system is the low vacuum (LV) option, a capability that supports operation at low chamber vacuum (from 10 to 300 Pa) for the purpose of imaging and microanalysis of non-conductive samples.

The system is equipped with an Oxford Instruments EDS system, including the software package for semi-quantitative compositional analysis, and Feature — the rapid mineral and particle search, identification and classification software from Oxford Instruments.