GTK’s mineral processing unit’s mineralogy team consists of expert researchers who specialise in process mineralogy. We offer our customers top-class research services with modern equipment.

During the lifecycle of a mineral deposit, mineralogy studies are required in ore prospecting, assessing the deposit, planning a mine and beneficiation plant, and conducting product quality control.

The mining industry uses different kinds of beneficiation techniques to process valuable ores. Several mineralogical factors influence the beneficiation of minerals, such as particle size, degree of mineral liberation, mineral association, gangue, and chemical consistency of particles. Process mineralogy research methods can often be used to find the reasons for problems in mineral beneficiation, for example when the output volume is low.

Our process mineralogy consulting services include:

  • General mineralogy
  • Base metal mineralogy
  • Industrial mineral mineralogy
  • Noble metal mineralogy
  • High-tech mineral mineralogy

Our research equipment and methods include:

  • Optical microscopy
  • X-ray diffraction
  • MLA – Mineral Liberation Analyser
  • Camexa SX 100 microprobe