Seems Deep – Seismic and Electromagnetic Methods for Deep Mineral Exploration

Project research area
Geophysical Applications
Project duration
01.05.2022 - 30.04.2025


SEEMS DEEP (Seismic and Electromagnetic Methods for Deep mineral exploration) is addressing the challenge of high costs of mineral exploration as well as poor success rates in discovering new deep-seated ore deposits through development of a novel workflow integrating seismic and various electromagnetic (EM) methods. Field data acquisition is planned jointly, and data processing will follow the SEEMS DEEP workflow where EM data is utilized in velocity model building for seismic reflection data while seismic data is used to constrain EM inversion.

The test area of SEEMS DEEP is the Koillismaa Layered Igneous Complex in Finland that has potential to host several minerals included in the EU critical raw material list, especially battery related. SEEMS DEEP will develop geomodelling methods for battery mineral exploration and will benefit from petrophysical measurements from a 1.7 km deep drill hole.

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