Strategic Mineral Resources (STRAMIN)

Project research area
Availability of Critical Raw Materials​
Project duration
01.03.2024 - 31.12.2026


The project investigates the presence of EU’s strategic raw materials, especially rare earth elements (REE), VMS mineralisations (incl. for example copper) and lithium in selected research areas in Finland. Strategic raw materials are important in the production of renewable, clean energy and the replacement of fossil fuels with more environmentally friendly solutions. The EU Critical Raw Materials Act obliges member states to invest in the development of strategic independence and the self-sufficiency rate of critical raw material reserves. The project’s research is regional and focuses on understanding, identifying and highlighting factors critical to the ore potential. The project’s studies largely produce new regional prospectivity indices and estimates based on the examination of existing material and scientific mineral system thinking, which in the future may lead to the discovery of new strategic raw material resources in the private sector. We publish the research results mainly in peer-reviewed publications and produce high-quality geo-information from research areas. It is possible to extend and generalise the research methods used in the project to other research areas and targets.

The coordinator of the project: GTK

Funding authority: GTK

Contact person: Hanna Leväniemi

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