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Energy and Construction

The information we produce and refine promotes energy efficiency in construction, sensible land use planning and green energy.

Civil engineering

GTK provides assessments on the suitability of an area’s soil and bedrock for construction, finds out risks related to an area’s soil and bedrock and provides interpretations for companies and the society.


We assist in increasing the use of emission free geoenergy especially in large buildings and district heating.

Site selection for the final disposal of nuclear waste and power plants

In the nuclear power sector, our focus is in the disposal of nuclear waste, site selection for plants, and researching the long-term safety of nuclear power.

Customer Story: Posiva Oy – From Geological Research to Sustainable Nuclear Fuel Disposal

Geological Survey of Finland GTK and Posiva Oy have been long in cooperation to study the disposal of spent nuclear fuel. As a result, Finland is the first country in the world to commission a disposal solution for spent nuclear fuel, focusing on sustainability and long-term safety.

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