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Energy Transition

Overconsumption of natural resources is guiding humanity towards a clean energy transition. The focus of our research is on low-carbon energy research and investment promotion.

Henkilö ohjaa vaijeria putkeen, geoenergiamittaamista

The energy transition is a shift towards low-carbon energy solutions that enable an ecologically sustainable society and a balanced economy. The primary goal of the energy transition is to decouple from the use of fossil fuels. It is challenging to promote the energy transition in such a way that economic growth and the standard of living achieved would not deteriorate significantly. With our solutions, we contribute to an energy transition that secures people’s well-being and sustainable social investments.

Our expertise focuses on the production and application of geoinformation in soil and bedrock. We accumulate information on the suitability of soil and bedrock for energy production, assess the associated risks and produce interpretations and models from the materials.

Our areas of expertise include geothermal energy, geological site studies, energy storage and new energy infrastructures, and the earth’s gas potential.

We study the amount of thermal energy on the ground, local and regional variation, and suitability for energy production. We are developing new solutions for the storage of thermal energy in the ground. In geological site studies, we examine the special characteristics of regional soil and bedrock. Information is needed, among other things, for site selection and characterization of the final disposal of power plants and nuclear waste. We also carry out the research and development of long-term safety and natural analogies required for planning the final disposal of nuclear waste.

Our newer research areas include small modular nuclear power plants (SMR), hydrogen storages built on rock, and surveys of the deposits of natural gases in the bedrock, especially hydrogen. Background studies of the structural properties of land and offshore wind power are part of studies that enable energy transition.

We provide decision-makers and stakeholders with a geoscientific perspective on promoting low-carbon energy solutions. Our solutions are useful for operators who are planning to deploy low-carbon energy systems, explore the potential of energy production, or safely implement energy production.

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