Software Solutions for Data collection

A digital data collection process reduces manual work and improves the quality of the collected data. The data is saved in the database in a transferrable format, which enables the use of solutions for centralised data management, backing up and data dissemination. 

GTK will help you choose the data collection solutions most suitable for your organisation. If necessary, we will build a tailored software application for you. Our experience in digitalisation projects and competence in the field of geology are put to use when planning and implementing the best possible solution for your organisation.

Service content

  • Assisting in the procurement and deployment of software needed in data collection for geological research
  • Development projects tailored specifically to our customer’s needs

Your benefits

  • Digitalising your data collection processes will reduce manual work in your organisation and improve the quality of the data.
  • Data collected digitally is easy to transfer into the data management, backup and data dissemination systems your organisation uses.
  • GTK’s expertise ensures that you can trust that the software solution you procure is suited to your organisation’s operations.