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Mineral Economics

Mineral potential evaluation

GTK has extensive experience and a successful history in all sectors of ore surveying in Finland. Our constantly updated digital materials provide a solid basis for surveying ore potential.

Planning a mineral exploration project

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Fieldwork for mineral potential surveys

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Modelling for mineral potential surveys

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Quality assurance, quality control and auditing

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Training for mineral potential evaluation

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Mining and Ore Deposit Maps

Browse mining and ore deposit maps

Mineral processing and mineralogical research

GTK laboratory functions and the GTK Mintec test plant specialise in services for the mining, metal, environmental and chemical industries. Our research system covers the whole chain from mineralogical and isotope geology studies to laboratory enrichment tests and all the way up to continuous test plant scale runs. The system is unique even on a global scale.

Mineralogical and isotope studies

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Outokumpu mineral processing pilot plant and laboratories

Get to know GTK Mintec

Assessments of environmental impacts of waste rock and tailings, and optimising waste treatment

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Customer Story: Keliber – Mineral production to support climate-friendly development

Could mineral resources extracted from the bedrock be used both sustainably and profitably? Keliber, a company planning lithium production in Finland`s Central Ostrobothnia, believes so. The partnership of GTK and Keliber has lasted for almost 20 years.

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Customer Story: Timegate Instruments Ltd – Innovation and new types of partnerships

Finnish Timegate Instruments Ltd developed a new Raman spectrometer for the quick and accurate identification of materials. The device was tested in practice in cooperation with the GTK Mintec pilot plant to speed up the commercialisation of the technology.

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