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We provide groundwater management and water management information and solutions for the mining industry. GTK produces geological data on groundwater bodies and water management for the mining industry. We also do our part in developing the water sector and increasing the knowledge related to it in Finland as well as abroad.

We tackle the challenges brought on by climate change by providing comprehensive water management solutions that are in line with the values of sustainability. Our solutions are based on scientific research, our expertise on the processes of the hydrogeological cycle, information gathered on the field and extensive data sets. GTK develops artificial groundwater solutions, surveys new groundwater reserves with modern technology and provides guidance on closing mines in an as environmentally friendly way as possible, among other things.

Our customers include municipalities, cities, companies–such as companies in the water supply and mineral industries–organisations and government agencies.

Water management for the mining industry

Groundwater management

Customer story: Turku Region Water Ltd. – Sustainable Production and International Export from Managed Aquifer Recharge

Turku Region Water Ltd. and GTK worked together to create an internationally acknowledged Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) solution that follows nature’s own processes and is an example of Finnish water management export.

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