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Adapting to climate change requires a wide-ranging effort by all to maintain a diverse habitat. The focus of our research is on promoting geoscience-information-based sustainable use of the environment.

Kuvassa on kasvihuonekaasujen mittauslaitteisto, johon kuuluu kaasuanalysaattori Licor LI-7810 ja mittauskammio. Laitteistolta mitataan ilmakehn ja maapern/kasvillisuuden vlist kasvihuonekaasujen CO2 ja CH4 vaihtoa.

The use of natural resources affects nature and its inhabitants in many ways, including humans. The environment must be utilised in a sustainable way in order to safeguard biodiversity and the planet’s viability in the future.

We study the sustainable use and compensation of natural resources by directing operations to optimal areas with the help of research data.

The basis is our extensive geosystem datasets: research-based use of geoscience information enables verification and the quest for zero impact.

Our research is utilized by those planning, implementing, directing and deciding on the use of the environment and measures. We also provide research data to support decision-making at different stages of the life cycle of natural resource use and land use. Training as well as new research innovations contribute to a broader understanding of environmental issues.

The implementation and development of geological environmental studies requires a multidisciplinary approach. Cooperation with other research institutes, universities and companies enables nationally and internationally effective operations. GTK’s comprehensive research infrastructure makes us a key player in environmental research.

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