Terms of use for photographs downloaded from GTK’s HAKKU service

Users of HAKKU photographs undertake to observe the terms of use that govern the use of photographs downloaded from the HAKKU service.

The terms of use for the photographs comply with GTK’s Open licence with the following specifications:

When re-using or otherwise presenting photographs downloaded from the service, the right of use is restricted by the following obligations and responsibilities:

When using the material or products based on it, the user must:

  • include a mention of the rights of GTK and the photographer with the photographs
  • provide a copy of this licence or a link to it.

For example:
Photograph (or a more specific name) © photographer, Geological Survey of Finland, year

Users of HAKKU photographs have the right to use the photographs that they have downloaded, freely, provided that the total number of published photographs in a year is less than 200 per user or the organisation that the user represents.

The name of a person depicted in a photograph must not be published without GTK’s explicit permission. An attempt has been made to delete all personal data from the material. GTK must be notified if the name of a person in a photograph is still displayed with the photograph or the user has any other remarks concerning the photographs. HAKKU photographs must not be used for purposes that are misleading, illegal or inappropriate.