The Challenges of Mineral Raw Materials Are Solved Together – EU SuperCluster Geoconference Brought Together Over 120 Experts

The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) and the Exploration Information System (EIS) project, which GTK coordinates, arranged the EU SuperCluster Lapland Geoconference in Rovaniemi in the autumn. The conference brought together over 120 experts to discuss important issues related to critical raw materials within the European Union. Representatives from academia, research institutions, and companies attended the conference. A cross-project event of this magnitude has hardly ever been arranged before.

three persons at the event behind the microphone. They are smiling.

“The challenges of critical raw materials are multifaceted and they cross borders. That is why we wanted to arrange an event that serves as a platform for collaborative efforts of EU projects, academia, research institutes and companies. It is vital to see what others are doing and to share knowledge. There can never be too much of collaboration”, says Research Professor Vesa Nykänen from GTK.

The event was divided into five main themes: innovative mineral exploration; earth observation in exploration and mining; environmental, social and governance in exploration and mining; critical raw materials supply; and new frontiers for exploration.

The research results were presented by 23 projects supported by the European Union for research and innovation programmes, Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe. There were also presentations from industry and other organisations on the field. 124 industry experts, researchers, and professionals from around the world joined the event.

More information

More information including a video from the event can be found from the webpage of Information System (EIS) project.

Abstracts of the event are published as GTK report.

Vesa Nykänen, Research Professor, Coordinator of EIS project
Geological Survey of Finland