The Year of Geology 2020: GTK`s Annual Review Online

The Annual Review is a collection of key figures and statistics and some of the highlights from the year 2020. The implementation of our Annual Review is different this year, reflecting the extraordinary nature of the previous year. 2020 was marked by the effects of the global coronavirus pandemic throughout society. At GTK, the ripple effects extended to our international operations and our working methods, among other things, but were also reflected in our other operations.

In addition, the past year was the first year of the implementation of our strategy for 2020‒2023. The focus areas of our strategy proved to be topical in terms of impact and were central to our project activities. The year 2020 was also the last term of Mika Nykänen as Director General at the GTK. His full review can be found here.


A solution to address major challenges calls for close cooperation and the combining of different types of expertise. We work in a customer-oriented way and with our partners. Cooperation generates new competence and introduces a broader impact for geology as a science. – Mika Nykänen, Director General