Successes of the Coronavirus Year at GTK

The Geological Survey of Finland started 2020 dynamically with the implementation of a new strategy. We launched investments and recruitments. Our work continued in spite of the exceptional circumstances caused by the pandemic.

Our strategy can be summarised by the goal of producing solutions for more sustainable growth. The electrification of societies, climate change, urbanisation and the technology permeating every aspect of our lives are all megatrends that need to be based on research data.

A solution to address major challenges calls for close cooperation and the combining of different types of expertise. We work in a customer-oriented way and with our partners. Cooperation generates new competence and introduces a broader impact for geology as a science.

A high level of expertise is needed when creating demanding information-based solutions. The operation of the Circular Raw Materials HUB joint laboratory, which produces circular economy solutions, has developed well in the Otaniemi campus area. Cooperation with companies and partners rests on an even more solid foundation, which has also increased our own ambition level.

Our strategy can be summarised by the goal of producing solutions for more sustainable growth.

We have been actively engaged in national and international cooperation. Our export activities have suffered most in the situation caused by the global epidemic. However, we have found many ways of producing customer benefits even in the prevailing exceptional circumstances. Our role with respect to EU’s raw material issues has strengthened further. In Finland, we have contributed to creating a national battery strategy and preparing the reform of the Mining Act.

We have come up with bold suggestions and development actions during the year. A legislative proposal concerning GTK’s export company was submitted to parliament, an ambitious RDI investment for a drill hole extending to a depth of three kilometres was started in Koillismaa, and we had several successes in funding applications to the Academy of Finland and the EU.

GTK had a major success when it was awarded considerable additional funding for the development investments of GTK Mintec’s pilot processing plant. This gives us the opportunity to further develop our research institute, which is unique in European terms.

GTK’s personnel have done excellent work in demanding circumstances. Our new operating model has worked well and supported demanding expert work. Our job satisfaction again continued to improve. In addition to daily work, we have paid more attention to developing our expertise, occupational safety and strengthening our occupational safety culture.

I extend my warmest gratitude to our personnel for their committed work. I would also like to thank our customers and partners for their trust and excellent cooperation. Together we can build solutions – even in the prevailing challenging circumstances.

Mika Nykänen
Director General