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Hybrid Geothermal Technology and Data Enabling Positive Energy Buildings (HYBGEO)

  • The project develops and illustrates solutions for positive energy buildings in a northern climate.
  • The project is piloted in a residential building under construction in Kalasatama, in Helsinki.
  • The goal is to find ways to keep the environmental impact of buildings low, without compromising over heating and cooling needs.
  • GTK’s research conducted in the project is divided into the following areas: urban geophysical research, heat transfer modelling, optimisation and control of the use of energy, national and international cooperation.
  • Partners in the project funded by Business Finland’s Co-Innovation funding are VTT (coordinator), Geological Survey of Finland GTK, Centria University of Applied Sciences, Rototec Oy, Tom Allen Senera Oy, Gebwell Oy, Ab Muovitech Finland Oy, and Bassotalo Oy.