Personnel Satisfaction at a Good Level

Personnel satisfaction with work, management and GTK’s operational culture improved in 2020.

GTK’s person-year accrual was slightly lower than expected due to a larger number of retiring employees and the reduction in the recruitment of seasonal workers required by the coronavirus crisis. This enabled us to recruit a larger number of employees later in the year. In 2021, GTK is expected to meet its person-year accrual targets in accordance with the planned growth target (more than 430 person-years).



Personnel Satisfaction

In the government personnel satisfaction survey (VMBaro) of 2020, GTK’s results improved in all measurable areas and the survey’s response rate was the highest ever at 87.7%. GTK’s results were generally better than the average for government employers. According to the survey responses, GTK’s personnel particularly appreciates the content of their job and feel that their work is meaningful. The working community index (3.95 vs. 3.88 in 2019) and the leadership performance index (3.65 vs. 3.51 in 2019) also improved last year.

We increase our competence continuously.

Competence Development

The importance of competent leadership and supervisory work were highlighted during the year due to the extraordinary conditions caused by the pandemic. A significant portion of our personnel worked remotely outside of GTK’s premises for most of the year. Remote work was supported by providing coaching and training both to supervisors and regular employees. In the coming years, high-level competence and ensuring the well-being of GTK’s personnel with purposeful personnel policies will play a key part.