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Sustainable Water Resources

The sufficiency of clean water is one of the key global challenges of the future. The focus of our research is on the sustainable use of groundwater and mining environment research.

Kädet pitävät mustaa pitkulaista mittauslaitetta, taustalla vettä

The changing climate in the subarctic and arctic environment causes changes in precipitation, evaporation, frost depth, and snow volume and melting, affecting the amount and quality of groundwater formed. Various extreme weather phenomena, such as drought and floods, are becoming more common, as a result of which the connections between water bodies and groundwater reservoirs are becoming more diverse. Population growth and urbanisation present challenges as the need for clean water increases and the built environment changes the hydrological cycle and increases the vulnerability of groundwater.

The growing need for mineral raw materials requires mining environment and water research. Mining environments and their water resources are also vulnerable in many ways to the effects of the changing climate. High-quality and versatile knowledge of groundwater, its mechanisms of formation and water circulation in different environments and conditions is essential for the sustainable management of water resources.

We base our solutions on scientific research, our expertise in hydrogeological phenomena and environments, data collected from the field, and comprehensive datasets.

We carry out structural surveys of groundwater areas to help protect groundwater, improve the efficiency of water supply and determine new water intake points, and as background material for groundwater pollution studies and land use planning.

In areas where natural groundwater resources are not sufficient for water supply needs, the formation of artificial groundwater is a sustainable and cost-effective solution for water resource management when properly implemented. We conduct artificial groundwater studies both domestically and internationally.

In order to solve the wide-ranging water management challenges, there is a need for interdisciplinary cooperation. The research utilizes our expertise in groundwater and mining environments, new research methods, modern research infrastructure and an interdisciplinary approach. GTK collaborates in networks of research and research infrastructures with other research organisations, universities, universities, authorities and the private sector, among others.

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