Water Management

We produce information and solutions related to groundwater management and water management in mining. Our expertise in the water sector is used in Finland and globally.

Ensuring everyone on Earth has access to clean water is a large and global challenge we will be facing in the future. Climate change and population growth – as well as preparing for both – require implementing new sustainable and ecological water management solutions. Different industries also require environmentally friendly water management solutions.

We take up these challenges and provide comprehensive solutions to water management. GTK produces geological data on groundwater bodies and water management for the mining industry. We also do our part in developing the water sector and increasing the knowledge related to it in Finland as well as abroad.

We apply our hydrogeological expertise to the changes brought by climate change and develop solutions for adapting to those changes. GTK also develops artificial groundwater solutions, surveys new ground water reserves with modern technology and provides guidance on closing mines in an as environmentally friendly way as possible.

Our customers include municipalities, cities, companies, such as companies in the water supply and mineral industries, organisations and government agencies.

We provide water management solutions globally.