Bedrock and mineral information

Project research area
Critical Minerals
Project duration
01.01.2020 - 31.12.2023


WP1: Bedrock and metallogeny. To study tectonic evolution and mineral potential at plate boundaries and prospective regions producing regional to crustal-scale geodynamics and associated mineral potential modeling. The ultimate goal is to produce updated crustal evolution and metallogenic models for Finland and Fennoscandia.

WP2: Potential. Study information concerning the occurrence and exploration potential of critical mineral raw materials in the bedrock of Finland. Main products are assessments of the amount and geographic distribution of undiscovered mineral resources.

WP3 Use and effects. Studies and distributes information on the accessibility, use and effects of mineral raw materials. Main products are analyses and reports based on comprehensive business understanding, market outlook and development as well as future needs in Finland, the EU and globally.

GTK’s self-financed project.

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