GATEWAY – Connecting EIT RawMaterials with Latin America and Africa

Project research area
Critical Minerals Battery Minerals Information Solutions
Project duration
01.04.2017 - 31.03.2020


Many developing and emerging economies are significantly rich in minerals but domestic processing of raw materials have difficulties to keep up with the pace of industrialization. This project aims at mapping mining projects in Latin America and Africa in order to provide EIT RM partners with an overall overview of activities in the field and open up win-win opportunities for potential collaboration with stakeholders in those countries. Key deliverable for 2016 was an interactive map application based on past and ongoing activities on research, education and business performed by EIT RM partners in emerging or developing economies.

The GATEWAY project aims at facilitating new collaborative projects of EIT RM partners in Latin America and Africa and supporting international business development as well as enhancing local capacity building with education and research activities in those countries. The project addresses all value chain themes and will be focused on in Latin America in 2018 and Africa in 2019. By integrating business development activities to existing education and research projects and networks, we aim at fostering new approaches to support sustainable business development in these regions.

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