SAGE – Sensitivity Analysis Guided Disposal Barrier Experiments

Project research area
Energy Transition​
Project duration
01.01.2023 - 31.12.2025


SAFER research program is replacing KYT and SAFIR research programs for nuclear safety research. In the SAGE project we conduct a sensitivity analysis on the transport models of the final disposal site and find out which properties of the disposal barriers are most in need of research. After this we design experiments to research those properties. The sensitivity analysis is limited to hydro-chemo-mechanical continuum models and the saturation of and the behaviour of saturated bentonite buffer in various conditions. The research methods utilized will be 4D-x-ray tomography, fast triaxial experiments and electric resistivity tomography. At GTK we will also develop new methods to investigate salinity of a sample utilizing the new micro x-ray fluorescence instrument.

Contact person: Jukka Kuva

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