Assessments of environmental impacts of waste rock and tailings, and optimising waste treatment

Assessments of environmental changes based on unbiased expertise and research data are required throughout a mine’s lifecycle. GTK enables its customers to comprehensively assess the impact of the whole or part of their operation. 

An understanding on the natural changes and conditions of soil, groundwater, and lake and stream sediments before commencing mining operations provides a solid basis for transparent impact and risk assessment, and process planning. Detailed assessments of the environmental impact of waste rock and tailings determine how the materials should be processed in each operation to ensure that the operation’s environmental load is as small as possible.

Service content

  • Environmental acceptability regulations for mining waste
  • Mineralogical, chemical and solubility studies
  • Formation potential of acidic seepage
  • Classifying the waste rock as inert according to the Finnish national rock type list or with a case-specific procedure

Your benefits

  • You will gain information that helps avoid surprises and plan your operation. You will receive an assessment and a report on important matters related to the waste rock and tailings produced by your operation before starting it.
  • You will gain information on how to process waste rock and tailings.