Deep geothermal energy solutions

Geothermal energy is heat energy that is deep in the earth’s crust. Due to Finland’s geological conditions, the production of geothermal energy is most profitable when focused on producing heat. You need specific geological details to plan geothermal energy production.

An immense amount of heat energy is stored deep in the earth’s crust under Finland, even though the temperature is much lower than in well-known geothermal countries, such as Iceland or Italy. However, the energy can be used to produce geothermal district heating, even in Finland.

GTK has assessed the potential of geothermal energy around Finland. The geological conditions define the volume of the available energy (deep geothermal energy potential in GTK’s map services). With geological information and measurements, we can significantly reduce the risks and costs related to implementing geothermal production.

Service content

In accordance with our customer’s needs:

  • Expert services and consulting in geothermal energy
  • Measurements and surveys of the earth’s crust, such as geophysical measurements (seismic reflection sounding, drill hole geophysics measurements), temperature measurements and the laboratory examination of drill core or rock samples
  • Identifying potential production areas
  • Evaluation of the environmental effects and risks of geothermal energy, permits
  • Examination and assessment of the bedrock structure, such as tension status, fracture fields and 3D simulations
  • Evaluation of the regional potential of geothermal energy

Your benefits

  • The risks related to implementing a production plant for geothermal energy, especially regarding drilling, are significantly reduced.
  • You will discover the most potential areas for producing geothermal energy.
  • You will know the regional differences of the utilisation of geothermal energy regarding land use and building planning.