Geothermal Energy Solutions

Geothermal energy comes from the earth’s crust and it is used for heating and cooling. It is a long-lasting and efficient energy solution, both in terms of investments and cost of use, for buildings and regional energy networks.

An immense amount of thermal energy is stored in the earth’s crust in Finland (geothermal energy potential in GTK’s map services). The heat in the geothermal energy deposit could replace Finland’s district heating for over 20,000 – 25,000 years. This energy can be utilised in regional and building-specific energy solutions.

Heat harvested from the crust’s surface layers using energy wells that reach 200–400 metres deep is generally called ground heat. Medium-deep geothermal energy, also called geothermal heat, can be harvested with a different technique from energy wells that reach down to two kilometres in depth. Due to the geological features of the earth’s crust, the amount and power of available geothermal energy varies greatly around Finland, even within the different areas of a municipality or a city.

With geological information and measurements, the source of geothermal energy, i.e. the energy well field, can be measured and optimised for a specific building or a regional energy solution.

Service content

In accordance with our customer’s needs:

  • Expert services and consulting in geothermal energy
  • Site-specific or regional measurement of the crust and thermogeological surveys, such as TRT measurements, temperature measurements and examining rock samples in a laboratory
  • Planning and optimising the use of the geothermal energy source, measuring the energy well field
  • Geothermal energy training services
  • Evaluation of the environmental effects of geothermal energy, permits
  • Evaluation of geothermal energy’s potential in a specified area
  • Monitoring and operating the use of an existing geothermal energy solution, using the DTS method, for example

Your benefits

  • You will gain information on the potential of the geothermal energy source based on actual measurements and interpretations made by a thermogeological expert.
  • You will be provided with a professional and unbiased plan and instructions on how to best harness the geothermal energy.
  • The lifecycle of the energy well field is optimised based on geological information.
  • You will gain knowledge of the regional differences in the utilisation of geothermal energy regarding land use and building planning.
  • You will receive specific measured information about the operation of the geothermal energy system that helps you optimise your heat pump system.