Groundwater energy solutions

Groundwater contains heat energy that can be used to heat and cool buildings and entire regions. When you know the special features of a groundwater body, you can calculate the available energy volume and the heating and cooling efficiency, as well as plan a long-term, cost-effective and environmentally friendly system.

Groundwater is a significant source for regional heating and cooling energy. GTK has determined the available heating power in the known groundwater areas of Finland (groundwater energy potential in GTK’s map services). Areas with soil formation that conducts water well, such as ridges and the Salpausselkä areas, are particularly good for using groundwater energy.

Using groundwater energy is a new method in Finland, and its potential is still fairly unknown. However, it offers limitless possibilities, as we can see from Sweden’s example.

Service content

In accordance with our customer’s needs:

  • Expert services and consulting in groundwater energy
  • Site-specific or regional surveys and measurements of how to utilise groundwater energy
  • High-quality modelling concerning the utilisation of groundwater energy
  • Measuring and planning groundwater energy’s production wells
  • Planning and implementing the monitoring of groundwater energy sites
  • Evaluation of the environmental effects of groundwater energy, permits
  • Regional evaluations of groundwater energy

Your benefits

  • You get to use the potential of groundwater energy in producing renewable and cost-effective energy.
  • You will receive a plan for using groundwater for energy production, based on hydrogeologic and thermogeological expertise and measurements.
  • You will gain reliable measurement and modelling data on the site’s actual production, based on the latest methods.