Site-specific studies of mires and peatlands

Having accurate and up-to-date information about peat reserves and mire areas is the starting point for sustainable and resource-efficient use of mires and peatlands. Different operators, consultants, land use planners, and authorities who utilise the mires and peatlands need this information.

Baseline studies and assessments of the present state of mires and peat reserves define the reference level and the factors influencing the start of operations, whether related to forestry, resource use, after-use, protection, or restoration of peat production areas. Tailor made reports for the customers provide a solid knowledge base for operations and planning. The service can be combined with, for example, the environmental risk assessment of acid sulphate soils. With this service you can outline your reserve, the characteristics of the mire area, and any limiting conditions that you need to pay attention to in your operations.

Areas of research

  • Peat reserve assessment (raw material, carbon reserve, after-use area, etc.): includes soil survey, sampling, analysis, and modelling, tailored to the customer
  • Current status reports of the mire, assessing the current status of the mire or site and other background information
  • Follow-up studies (current status vs. history)
  • Peat sampling
  • Drone and ground-penetrating radar applications for production area planning in different phases

Service content

  • Identification of the customer’s needs and study of the background material of the area to be assessed
  • Planning, coordination, and implementation of assessments
  • Targeted mire and peat studies: peat surveying, sampling, and analysis services, the quantity and quality of peat, and surface and bottom information of a mire, mire maps, and modelling
  • Analysis and reporting of research data

Your benefits

  • You will learn about the reserves, present state, and special features of your site.
  • You get options for cost-effective and sustainable operations.