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We promote more sustainable use of land and sea areas by developing innovative risk management solutions and geodata products that answer our customers’ needs.

We conduct research and create solutions for land use planning, construction, the sustainable use of land and sea areas, assessing environmental effects and to support decision making, for example. Our extensive datasets and expertise in geology and geochemistry are key factors in research related to soil, surface water and groundwater conservation, and in studies on the state of the environment and changes in it. Our customers include cities, municipalities and companies, such as bioenergy producers, wind energy companies and ports.

“We predict the effects of climate change on land and in the sea.”


Environmental impact and risk management

Marine services

Coastal and open sea areas are used in many ways in construction. Traditionally they have been used for waterways, cables and pipelines. Modern ways to utilise these areas include wind farms located on open sea areas, housing built partly over the sea or on areas reclaimed from the sea, and tunnel projects.

Services on mires and peatlands

The services provided on mires and peatlands include site-specific solutions for the sustainable use of wetlands, carbon balance and higher value-added products, applications that cover the whole of Finland, as well as solutions for international needs. The information produced from mires and peatlands provides a solid basis for decision-making for a wide range of areas, from permitting authorities to raw material processors.

Customer story: Vapo Group – New Industry from a Familiar Raw Material

Vapo Group is developing new Finnish high value products for global markets. Geological Survey of Finland GTK provides applied research and innovative methods for Vapo Group to base their development on.

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    Head of Unit, Environmental Solutions
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